About H2O Surf

H2O Surf it’s a brand about the passion of the founder: BODYBOARDING / SURFING. It started in 2015 as a blog in Puerto Rico and now it’s have become a big surf brand with t-shirt designs only about surfing, beach and salty lifestyle.

The founder it’s Natalie Báez and she is from Puerto Rico. She started to do bodyboarding when she was in college and since her first experience doing extreme sports she felt in love with the surfing sports. She started the H2O Surf project focused only in Girls and the brand used to be named H2O for Girls, but then she started to received inquiries from men and women from all over the world that loved the concept and would like to be part of the project. After a few years she did the brand for both Men and Women.

Her intention right now it’s to bring all her passions together which combines all kind of extreme water sports, beach life, music and traveling.